20in by 20in original acrylic canvas painting of Flames. Signed and dated by the artist with artist recognizable florescent colors, signed and dated by the artist and finished with a high quality gloss varnish.
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 "Bring on your forces of nature
Bring on the storm that's raging
And if you get lost in the shadows
There's a fire inside you
Be the light that guides you
Come on, carry your flame
Carry it higher
Leave it in the darkness
Carry your torches"
-X Ambassadors
 •Being like everyone affected by the stress that is everyday life from the pandemic, I wanted to paint something meaningful, beautiful, and a little dark. I didn't want to paint something involving a medical mask or illness. I wanted to represent that yes even though the  world seems like we are living in the dark, you need to be that burning light.

Original "Flames" Painting