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Original WE THE P̶E̶O̶P̶L̶E̶ HEATHENS Painting 20in by 20in Acrylic on Canvas with artist recognizable florescent colors that work under black light.  Hand signed and finished with a high quality varnish.Heathen:• an unenlightened person; a person regarded as lacking culture or moral principles•a person who does not belong to a widely held religion (especially one who is not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim) as regarded by those who do.•We are living in a world where political powers have the right to decide human rights, not just colored rights, not just gendered not just sexual rights. Human Rights. I don't like choosing one side because I like to see everyone's opinions, I don't like to be swayed one sided because I like to look at every possible outcome, I like having my own thoughts without being told how I should think. I like to come together instead of having a debate. Why are we as a society so focused on being so far one sided that we fall back, when it doesn't matter what party you vote for? no matter what you will be voting for rapists, racists, sexists, homophobics, child sex traffickers, and ignorant lying hypocrites that will do anything to get to the top even if it means sleeping their way through. When have we lost sight that we were put in this world-on this Earth to love? Why are we letting reasons that we could come together to easily solve and work through just make us angry and burstfull. Don't let your ideals hold you back from seeing bigger pictures and finding reasons in people that might actually sway how you feel, it's ok to change your opinion, it's ok to see another side to things, don't see something a certain way just so it fits your way of thinking. Love one another.And Wear A Mask

Original "WE THE P̶E̶O̶P̶L̶E̶ HEATHENS" Painting

$500.00 Regular Price
$325.00Sale Price
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