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Whelve "To bury something deeply; to hide. Or surge over something." Original 20in by 20in acrylic on canvas painting. With artist known florescent colors, compatible with black light. Signed and dated by the artist. Finished with a high quality gloss varnish.

When did it become cool to hate men, simply because they are men? Do young women today not know that men die by suicide 3.53x more often than women? Do they not know that White males account for 69.38% of suicide deaths? My last straw was when I saw a car bumper sticker that read "speed up for male pedestrians." I shouldn't have to comfort my sobbing boyfriend because he felt like he didn't do enough to make everyone else happy. If he falls short he feels like a disappointment. Men are taught not to have feelings, to hold it all in, to eventually explode. Men lose custody battles simple because they are men. Men are accused of rape and abuse. Yes there are bad men out there, but we need to stop this whole hating men thing as being trendy and cute, because it's not. Stop making simply being a man a stigma. Because it's not. It's not funny.

Original "Whelve" Painting

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