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12in by 12in Portrait of yourselves or someone you know, in my style (florescent colors, dark themes and glowing elements) please email me a photo of you or who you are ordering for and what you would like to have in the image. Do you want to be surrounded by foliage? Have a glow about you, your back to have wings? Be the witch/warlock you've always seen yourself as? Let me know.

When you order, please expect up to several months of working time as I get booked with multiple pieces.

*Please be very specific with what you are wanting, images being shown are just examples of previous work. Images shown are not what you will receive unless specified that you want your portrait to look the same as an image shown. If you are not specific and give me artistic freedom, you will receive what I have interpreted and will not receive a refund if it is not what you thought. I will only give refunds or store credit if I have directly made a mistake, or something went wrong with shipping.

Thank You

Please email if you are interested in a different sized canvas to discuss price.

Portrait Commission